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MSA Hard Hat Mounted Sound Control SH Earmuff 10129327 (NRR25)
Price RM399.00
Product SKU 10129327 (NRR25)
Brand MSA
Size (L x W x H) 25 cm x 24 cm x 20 cm
Availability In Stock

MSA introduces Sound Control SH, a compatible ear muff that is designed to fit snugly into the new accessory slots on the MSA V-Gard Slotted Hard Hat. Sound Control SH ear muffs have been tested and evaluated for quality, attenuation and effectiveness in combating workplace noise.

Product Name :
- Sound Control SH

Markets : 
- General industry, manufacturing, repair and maintenance, construction, oil and gas, forestry, shipbuilding, mining

Applications : 
- Confined space, sanding/grinding, power tool use, occupations with non-impulse noise, demolition, assembly

Standards : 
- Meet ANSI S3.19-1974 and CSA Class A Standards

Compatible PPE : 
- V-Gard Slotted and Universal Frames no additional parts needed
- Most V-Gard Visors
- MSA slotted cap-style or full-brim helmets

Specification :
- For use with MSA slotted full-brim helmets
- Does not interfere with Class E rating of MSA slotted full-brim helmets
- Three wearing positions